This book confirms that in my nearly four decades of news reporting from world capitals I missed the best story... our human family" in the small corners."

Bernard Shaw,
CNN Anchor/retired
Washington, DC

Take your heart on an emotional journey through 232 full color pages of photographs and prose to ten of the most remote and exotic small corners of our planet. From the crimson dunes of Namibia in Africa to the tiny Asian villages of Laos and the roof of the world in Tibet find yourself, and hope for us all. Through the eyes, lives, and words of people whose world's are so very different from ours see that in the smallest corners of our hearts... we were constructed with the same soft edges.

Sometimes what brings an author to a book is as interesting or inspiring or important as the book itself... sometimes it’s a matter of life and death.

To the Small Corners is not just the title of Carol Scribner’s new book, it’s a promise. Its purchase translates directly into warm blankets for an orphanage, wheelchairs for the crippled, a new beginning for a child with a cleft palate, a well for a village and much more. Ten years ago or so Carol, an award winning documentary writer, producer, director and photographer, and her husband, Dr. Larry Decker, moved to Sedona, Arizona. One lazy Sunday morning while reading The New York Times Magazine Section they discovered a story about a woman with an unusual name, Irma Turtle, and her company, Turtle Tours. The piece featured one of Irma’s adventurous trips down the Niger River in Mali, West Africa. Avid travelers, Carol and Larry immediately called Irma and booked a trip...the seeds for To Life were planted. What followed was a decade of journeys to Mali, Ethiopia, Tibet, Vietnam, Namibia, Morocco, Laos, Burma, Cambodia and Bhutan.

Meantime, IrmaTurtle had founded TurtleWill, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to help the peoples of the small corners of Mali, Ethiopia and Niger preserve their cultures, independence and self-sufficiency through education, mobile medical clinics, and startup loans for women’s cooperatives and food cooperatives, among countless other accomplishments.

After seeing first hand -- and photographing -- the very people Irma sought to help, Carol had a new help raise funds for TurtleWill. A year long labor of love culminated as Carol and Larry stood by two giant presses in southern China and watched them give birth to the satiny pages of this emotionally charged coffee table book. In 232 pages of soulful photography and exquisite prose, Carol Scribner takes us on a journey of the heart to ten exotic small corners of our planet and shows us that for all our differences, “in the smallest corners of our hearts we were constructed with the same soft edges.

”Profits from To the Small Corners are dedicated to TurtleWill.