Non- Profit Sharing

"TO LIFE IN THE SMALL CORNERS", published on May 1, 2005, is an award winning coffee table book that is a journey of the heart to ten exotic small corners of the world through photography and poetic prose. It was created and produced to help raise needed funds for TurtleWill Foundation... helping to support and save "THE SMALL CORNERS" of Ethiopia, Mali and Niger with mobile medical clinics, schools, loans for... women's cooperatives, food cooperatives, livestock and much much more.

The profits from the sale of the book go to TurtleWill Foundation. When this book
is sold at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.Com etc., for $48, the retail overhead ( 55% ) will severely limit the profits to be made for TurtleWill. To overcome this the book is also sold directly on the publisher's web site, toll free number and by mail order.

To help us sell more books directly, maximizing the profits for TurtleWill Foundation, we are offering a nonprofit referral share of $10 per book when sold directly through Butterfly Productions, LLC publisher of "TO LIFE". By promoting the book through their web site, newsletters, existing mailings, event participation etc. participating nonprofits will receive in turn $10 for each book sold through a referral from their organization.

How it works. You will receive $10 for each book sold when:
- Someone orders a copy on our web site- and clicks the name of your nonprofit on the sites referral list. ( Your site can uplink to ours )

- Someone calls our toll free number( 1 877 - 818 - 7907 ), orders a book and mentions their referral by your organization ( the operator will ask if they were referred by a nonprofit).

- Someone orders by mail from information contained in one of our order cards or your newsletter etc. and mentions your organization.

ou need buy no books nor handle any shipping etc. We need your help to spread the word about the book and it's direct sales availability. In addition we would enthusiastically participate in any events you sponsor where it might be appropriate for sale of the book with an author signing etc. In that case you would of course receive $10 for the sale of each book and as a bonus each person would receive a free copy of the DVD produced from the book.

There is more information on the book's web site where you can view the book in its entirety. You can also link to TurtleWill's web site where you can view video about their work. Please contact me at Butterfly Productions for more information about this very special offer... 928 204 2811.

Carol A. Scribner
Author/ Photographer/ Publisher - "TO LIFE IN THE SMALL CORNERS"