TO LIFE . . . in the small corners -

To the small corners...

TO LIFE . . . in the small corners

Carol A. Scribner
Butterfly Productions
225 Pages
ISBN 0-9752936-0-5, Hardcover, $48.00
Apr 01, 2005

Beyond the world of laptops and the latest reality show, lies another, forgotten, hidden world in the corners. TO LIFE…in the small corners celebrates lives rarely examined by our society. Author/photographer Carol A. Scribner takes the reader on a journey of the heart, as she captures in poignant words and exotic pictures, other cultures in far-flung places.

Through the medium of remarkably evocative photographs and expressive prose, the author introduces people and places at once strangely alien and yet fundamentally familiar. With empathy, Scribner illuminates these worlds, drawing the reader into them as their subjects go about their daily lives, harvesting rice out of paddies in Vietnam, or participating in a tribal dance in Ethiopia. In the latter photograph, young girls are vying for the attention of the males of the tribe. While their garb is completely alien, the expressions of happiness and excitement on the teen’s faces are the same of any American going to the prom. And that is the point of TO LIFE…in the small corners. Again and again the author brings home two vital messages: humans are gloriously diverse in the way they celebrate life, and yet at the same time share the same hopes and fears and pleasures.

The author’s credentials are formidable: Scribner is an inactive registered nurse, a former Department of Health, Education and Welfare maternal and Infant Care Grant nursing consultant, and a retired advertising, marketing, and communications CEO, among many, many other passions and professions during her career. In addition to photographing her subjects, she has also written heartfelt text:

"You see that outside our skin our worlds are so different.
But do you not see that in the smallest corners of our hearts…
We are constructed with the same soft edges."

The photographs are the real focus here, however, and the reader is struck by the beauty and vivid imagery Scribner has captured with her camera. In Namibia, for example, the reader is spellbound by the beauty of the deep red earth tones as dune chases dune (“ Each day creates a fresh canvas for our footsteps…each one brushed clean by the night”) illustrated by a gorgeous expanse of desert at once forbidding and inviting.

Scriber has done a marvelous job of bringing to life lands and peoples mostly forgotten…in the small corners, and this book is highly recommended to anyone interested in expanding their world view.


James A. Cox, Editor - in - Chief
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard drive, Oregon, WI 53575

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To Life In The Small Corners
Carol A. Scribner
Butterfly Productions, LLC
165 Shadow RockDrive, Sedona, AZ 86336
0975293605 $48.00 1 - 877 - 818 - 7907

Award - winning documentary writer, producer, director and photographer Carol Scribner enhances her personal, on - site observations of remote and exotic small backwaters of the world with 232 pages of her superbly presented color photographs. Scribner takes the reader along to meet the peoples of Namibia, Burma, Morocco, Tibet, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Mali, Cambodia and Laos. From the crimson sandunes of Namibia in West Africa to the winding Mekong River in Southeast Asia, we are treated to a visual tour - de - force as we see the diversity of the human cultures and the universality of the human spirit. To Life In The Small Corners is a superb body of work that is especially recommended to the attention of students of photography and sociology, as well as the dedicated armchair traveler!
-Kathleen Youmans